2018 Benchmark Survey – Critical Metrics for Operations and Finance

Know where you stand vs the industry, how to measure and take immediate actions.

Here are just a few of our fantastic results growing revenue, creating profits, and raising valuations. [all clients confidential]

BigCyber Results

$5M Tech-Services Firm, Trying to Shake off Digital “Agency” Mindset

  • Stopped projects from losing money
  • Helped best leader document and delegate so he could sell full time
  • 83% increase in on-time deliverables to client
  • Next: great bolt-on potential, company has awesome client list

$2M App-Dev Shop, Unwanted Lifestyle Operational Habits

  • Identified and dropped unprofitable work
  • Raised prices + moved to contract > hourly billing
  • Untangled ball of mud “handshake IP / JV” holding back recurring revenue opps
  • Next: currently in discussions with two largest clients about an acquihire

$3M Execution-Based Shop, Flat Future

  • Cashflow help during lean times
  • Introduced sales accountability and discipline
  • Reenergized and developed clear roles for co-founders
  • Next: good pickup for a strategic buyer looking to leverage cross-selling opps

Stalled but Profitable $10M Tech Consultants, Looking to Grow Through Acquisition

  • M&A strategy to find, filter, score and approach smaller firms to bolt-on
  • Identified and outlined deal options for new acquisition
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) creation & negotiation
  • Next: integrate complimentary bolt-ons to increase enterprise value

$2M… 20 Years In the Making

  • Repositioned broad offering (“we build software, need any?”) to targeted niche
  • Reduced costs & focused marketing from “spend and hope” to concrete actions
  • Roadmap for growth = $7M “the right way” to create $10M- $20M valuation
  • Next: using great services contracts to create multi-tenant platform for SaaS revenue

$10M Global Business Service, Stillborn Pivot to SaaS

  • Major overhaul and simplification of offering and communication of value
  • Marketing & Sales tune-up (personnel, tactics, messaging)
  • Aligned product roadmap with business model & marketing/sales efforts (all were going different directions)
  • Next: help drive revenue with sales & marketing accountability to position in-house SaaS for Series A fundraise in 18 months