2018 Benchmark Survey – Critical Metrics for Operations and Finance

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At BigCyber, we often see too many metrics swirling around SaaS and service operations departments. Don’t get lost in a “data grenade” where you measure everything but understand nothing.

Lead, don’t manage: operational metrics are an output (not input) of your leadership. If you lead your people the right way, the metric takes care of itself. Don’t expose every metric on your scorecards. Create an organization that hits their number and they don’t even know it. First Rule of critical ratios; don’t talk about critical ratios.

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Do This NOW

Define your baselines for key output metrics; such as NPS scores and work ratios. These two metrics are the critical metrics to align customer satisfaction and company profitability (gross margin).

Then Do This NEXT

Define A, B & C players; put your C players on a performance review, put your B players on a self-development plan, and provide recognition to your A players.