Make “owning” your business a meaningful reality.

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There are five ways to grow, and you want to increase both your project size and your bill rate.

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We come on site to you, we look over your operations, and we get you on the right tooling/systems/processes to take home more money right now while also setting the platform for growth. At this phase, owners also go to periodic retreats with federation peers for sharing best practices and wargaming potential co-pitching and soft-partnership opportunities.


Profit margins are the money you either take home or reinvest in your business. If we can find you another $100k/year, that’s another great employee you can add to help take work off your plate. If you’re already de-stressed (unlikely), we can put those margins back in your pocket.

And if you’re looking to grow, we’ll find even more hidden profits inside your existing client base that allows you to add more to your balance sheet even before you sign newer and bigger projects.

Cash-flow is the most important driver of success.

And the equation is more complex than “more clients more cash, duh.” Sometimes you’re losing money on clients without even knowing it. Sometimes you’re doing free work, skewing your employee utilization statistics. And often, by booking your revenue in the wrong way, you push current month, last month, future month projections out of whack, causing you to make poor decisions.

Here’s another spot where you’re giving away money: time-tracking.

Utilization metrics are for internal use. Clients should not be billed by the hour. What? Why? How? We know—we’ll help you explain this and make the switch. There are clearer ways to bill and invoice that are more fair to the client than asking eight different people who touch a project to all remember their week in :15 minute increments, 1-5 days post haste.

All told, there are up to 20 different spots where profits are hiding in your business. Maybe your sales trajectory is just fine, but it’s operations which needs improvement.

Who knew you’ve been running a (wildly) profitable business all along?