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Are You Ready to Sell Your Tech Business?

How do you know if your dev-shop/software consultancy/digital agency is ready to be sold? Let’s grab a checklist from an investment bank that would LOVE to introduce you to buyers.


ASIDE from a great company, growing revenue, and high profits, here’s all the other stuff you surely have laying around:

  • Professionally prepared financials and tax returns
  • Clean and accurate financial records
  • Capable staff in place
  • Diverse customer base
  • Business not reliant on seller
  • Seller realistic about selling price, terms and time frame
  • Seller able to maintain or improve business value during sales process
  • Healthy balance sheet
  • Seller motivated to sell
  • All business assets transferrable and in good working order
  • Business relationships transferrable and documented
  • Current technology in place
  • Intellectual property protected

In order to start the sell-my-company process, interested buyers or intermediaries (iBanks) want you to walk in the door with all of that. On a platter.


Which is why BigCyber is not an investment bank for technology service companies. We’ve been saying that we do “proto-M&A” in addition to repping you to the market in certain cases.


Almost all dev shop owners are worried about what’s next. Every entrepreneur, eventually, wants to stop grinding and get off the hamster wheel.


But investment banks just want to be real estate agents (put up signs, take offers), and affordable consultants only work in one vertical (marketing, HR, sales).


We work across operations, cashflow/accounting/back-office, sales, marketing, pricing and positioning — all in service of what you want out of the business. In short, we do the heavy, cross-functional work of a Big3 consulting firm, but for you—owner of a cool software studio—at less cost than hiring a single new senior executive.


How? Because we’ve been there. We were owners just like you.


Let’s shortcut your roadmap.