BigCyber is an advisory to small tech-company CEOs and founders. We help you grow, scale, or sell.

Why Hire Josh & Dave?

Most investment bankers only want companies that are perfect. Most consultants just throw you powerpoint decks and let you execute on your own. Additionally, you might not be ready to hire that next key executive to help you get to the next stage.

We’ve worn all the key hats as owners ourselves. We partner with you for the long and short term in ways that traditional advisors don’t. In short, we’re small tech company marketers, operators, and revenue officers. We’ll help you define and decide what you want out of this company and will work with you over 3, 6, or 9 month increments to see you be successful. We’re catalysts. We shave years off your plan. We’ll show you the playbook for growing, running, and eventually selling your technology firm.

What feels most pressing?

Find Hidden Profits Within My Existing Business

Josh and Dave are cashflow experts. Usually in 60-90 days we can increase your runway without needing to bring in new revenue. Additionally, we’ll eliminate the common and not-so-common profit eaters inside your company, allowing you to invest or take home more money.

I Need More Revenue & Lead Generation

You need not only growth, but purposeful growth, both bottom and top line, growth that fits your personal needs as a tech company owner or founder. We’ll fix (or create) your go-to-market strategy, make sure your business development teams are selling the right products or services to the right people, for the right price.

We’re here to add a zero to your top and bottom line.

I’m Ready to Sell My Business

Josh and Dave know the players in the small-tech (products and services) purchasing game. Institutional capital largely ignores and improperly values tech firms like yours; we’ll bring you to market the right way.

We’re a PE Firm or Corporate Development Arm, and We Need Pre or Post-Deal Support

Josh and Dave will make sure your investments don’t go to waste. Additionally, we’ll reduce the time it takes even successful mergers to start producing. You need to get back to doing what you do well — deal-making — so let us be your eyes and ears in the operation, fixing in ways only we know how.