2018 Benchmark Survey – Critical Metrics for Operations and Finance

Know where you stand vs the industry, how to measure and take immediate actions.

BigCyber Partners

Industry ‘not-consultants’ born from doing the work and helping others.

BigCyber evolves your business from what you have, to a stable, less work for you, revenue generating machine that is worth more every day.  We’d love to share the details on our case studies.  Let’s talk.

Josh Oakhurst

Managing Partner

Josh is your source for:

  • growth
  • marketing
  • positioning
  • sales
  • strategy
  • pricing, contracts, and pitches

He is your path to increased revenues, bigger projects, and higher bill rates.

phone: 303.434.5167 | email: josh@bigcyber.co

Dave Armstrong

Managing Partner

Dave is your source for:

  • cashflow
  • operations
  • project management
  • valuations
  • strategy
  • and cap table cleanup

He is your path to bigger profits and a more streamlined, less-stressful company.

phone: 610.780.2791 | email: dave@bigcyber.co

Dave is a CPA who can program. He's been a turnaround business consultant for decades. He's done stand-up all over North America. He's a reformed adrenaline junkie (freestyle skiing, motocross) and wants your business to fund your lifestyle, not vice versa.