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Fix My Company’s…

Sales | Cashflow | Valuation

There’s an art and a science to running your firm. We’ll show you the playbook for growth, precision, and if you want it — help to craft a meaningful exit.


Sell My Company

Sales Prep | Meaningful Exits

Tech companies (services, SaaS, or hybrid) under $10M AR have very few paths to liquidity. Owners of all sized tech firms want to maximize their exit. Josh & Dave will help you with both.


Fix Our Merger

PE Firms | M&A

70-80% of acquisitions and mergers fail to boost shareholder returns. Install Josh & Dave as your outsourced operational partners to reduce risk and realize your gains.


Meet Josh and Dave

Josh Oakhurst

Managing Partner

Josh is your source for:

  • growth
  • marketing
  • positioning
  • sales
  • strategy
  • pricing, contracts, and pitches

He is your path to increased revenues, bigger projects, and higher bill rates.

phone: 303.434.5167 | email:

Dave Armstrong

Managing Partner

Dave is your source for:

  • cashflow
  • operations
  • project management
  • valuations
  • strategy
  • and cap table cleanup

He is your path to bigger profits and a more streamlined, less-stressful company.

phone: 610.780.2791 | email:

Dave is a CPA who can program. He's been a turnaround business consultant for decades. He's done stand-up all over North America. He's a reformed adrenaline junkie (freestyle skiing, motocross) and wants your business to fund your lifestyle, not vice versa.